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In the summer of 1988 Ricardo Aracil working in the tourism industry decided to get a balloon pilot license to offer the inhabitants of the island and its visitors the chance to enjoy a new perspective on Mallorca.
 In March 1989 he founded Mallorca Balloons (also Mallorca Ballooning and Majorca Ballooning). The first aircraft could contain up to four passengers.
The next step was to be one of the pioneering balloon companies to get permission to do airworks, with the resulting air and permit aerial photography and filming, enabling passengers and other necessary permits granted by civil aviation
As requirements have changed, Mallorca Balloons has been adapted over the years, with the main requirement provided the SAFETY, constants balloon controls of the civil aviation, an authorized officer balloon Launch site,  as controls by tour operators, make the standard of safety is of the highest in Europe.

SAFETY is so important that even after the year 2012 we will staff a quality and security standard controller, offering this to our crew regular courses on everything, from balloons mounts, even as defensive driving.

Today's Mallorca Balloons fleet has eight balloons

with different capacitys and several vans to offer a much wider,

where large groups are not a problem. a problem.
With Mallorca Balloons can fly from couples in exclusive flight to firms

with lots of balloons. Diversity makes that you can fly alone or in groups,

morning or afternoon, inside or the island or at the coast.

or costa.

Mallorca Balloons pilots in addition to the proper clearances accumulate

many hours of balloon flights and landings. Nowadays are currently No. 1

national ranking and being in the "Guinness Book of Records since 1994.

During these years have been flying over major cities, mountain ranges

and took part in various competitions to enjoy this sport also sometimes out of the island.

Mallorca Balloons comply in 2012 with its 24 th season.